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Who We Are?

We at TechStoresBN understand the need the world of ecommerce, that’s what we are focusing in building trust and providing Digital Products and Services that cracks a customer’s IT problem. As we all can see, brand storytelling lets us connect with our audience through shared values. It’s also one of the most powerful ways to breathe life with brand. So we are creating an IT environment of Trust and Shared values , in partnership with us you also will be feeling proud in distributing your Brand Value through Digital Platforms created by us among your Customers.

We are not limited to this; we are aspiring to Deliver Quality in IT Services while sitting in your Own City. Yes, TechStoresBN is introducing the concept of CITY PORTAL, which will be facilitating the powerful interconnection among all the cities and TechStoresBN in such an efficient manner that our customers will be getting the Best IT Services in their cities only.


The Board

Mr. Rajeev Sharma


Rajeev Sharmaa an Entrepreneur, an Educator and CEO of NKTech, is completed his CS Degree from Mumbai university.

Mr. Mridul Seth


Mridul Seth is one of the top and extraordinary computer wizards of India who accomplished a great number of success at a very early stage.


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Team Size In 2021


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  • 20,00,000 Visitors Per Month
  • Rank #1 on Google Search
  • 500 Upcoming Cities
  • 10,000 Team Size In 2021

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